Sweet Potato Leaves

Hey y’all!

Did you know that you can eat sweet potato leaves?

And they’re not bad at all. There’s plenty of stuff that we can eat but tastes terrible.

Since it’s getting too hot for my chard, I’ve switched to eating sweet potato greens. I was curious if this was actually saving me money, because I bought a lot of seeds that didn’t actually grow.

A box of organic mixed greens is about $5. I’ve been eating the equivalent of a box every week or two for four months. That’s about $50. Even though I spent nearly $25 on seed, that’s still an okay savings. The really valuable part is what all I learned this year. I learned where and when certain things grow best in my yard.

There was also a lot more satisfaction in growing it myself.

Also, even though a lot didn’t grow, I got out there and did the things.

Looking at it that way, I saved a lot more than just the cost of some greens.

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