Step One

Step one of changing the front yard has begun!

I dug up my potatoes the other day, so I finally have the space to make some grow beds. Today I strung some yarn out to mark where I’ll be putting the boxes.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be doing a lot of work on the yard this weekend.

So much will be changing. The hedge is going; the wisteria bush is going; grow beds are going in. This fall, a bunch of perennial plants are going in.

I’m temporarily giving up on my dirt. I know it can be fixed, but I also know that it’ll take time. When I say “grow beds,” I don’t mean raised beds. There will be no bottom, but I’m building sides and enclosing areas so I can put compost in it and so people will stop walking in my garden. I’m going to get free soil out of the woods to build my soil up higher, but most of the soil will be compost from my house and the rabbits.

Because the boxes won’t have bottoms, the original soil will get better over time, but I can grow plants in the better soil on top.

I’m just excited for this to really begin happening. I’ve been delaying for so long because of one thing or another, and it’s looking like this is finally happening.

Watch for a post about rabbits. They’re going to help me with the yard. I’m going to let them chomp down the grass and poop everywhere.


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