Playing with my Nuts

Well… not exactly…

I sorted a nut mix I bought. A couple weeks ago, I bought an in-shell mix of nuts. I was really after the Brazil nuts (which the label falsely said we’re included). And my reasoning was that I’d get other nuts that I like too, and in-shell nuts are way cheaper.

Unfortunately, the mix only contained walnuts, pecans, almonds, and hazelnuts. I don’t even really like almonds, and the hazelnuts (which compromised the majority of the bag) weren’t roasted and didn’t really have a taste.

Then I had ideas. First of all, I sorted all the nuts and threw the almonds in the compost. Then, I figured I could use the walnuts and pecans in some trail mix that I was planning to make anyway.

But here’s the part I’m excited about. I’m going to make hazelnut butter out of the hazelnuts!

I’ve actually been really sad since finding out I can’t eat peanut butter. And other ready-made nut butters are too expensive for my taste.

However, I know for a fact that I like chocolate-hazelnut spread, so it’s probably safe to assume I’ll like hazelnut butter… especially since I used to buy 5+ pounds of peanut butter every month or two. Making my own hazelnut butter will still cost more than peanut butter, but making it vs buying it will save half the cost.

I feel like I’ve won something. Not only did I rescue my nuts, but this idea can keep saving me money into the future!


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