Tater Harvest

Hey y’all!

I harvested my potatoes today.

I got a sad little amount.

As you can tell from the box, I was expecting to get a lot more.

I garden with the Back to Eden method, but I live in town, and I’ve been moving my garden spot every year for the past three years. I’m realizing that, unless you have space where you can have a garden in the same location every year, it’s easier to plant in containers.

In Back to Eden gardens, the soil gets better over time. Since this was the first planting in this location, the soil is awful and didn’t allow my potatoes to grow. The dirt was so constricting, I only got one or two tiny potatoes per plant.

I do plan to plant some fall potatoes. I’ve never planted fall potatoes, but, if nothing else, it’ll give the soil more time to aerate. Plus, I’ll get to track the progress of the soil.

This does explain why none of my carrots and beets grew. I saw some nice foliage, but no big roots.


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