Paper Shreds

Hey y’all!

I have some exciting news. I landed a job!

I do some paperwork and filing for a trucking company a couple hours a day.

The job’s great to have, but there’s a bonus! In the paperwork I go through, all the cover sheets (and there must be about 30 a day) get thrown away. So instead of putting them in the trash, I’ve been bringing them home.

I put all the papers through my mini shredder that I bought for $12, and I can make all the bedding my rabbits would ever want!

Rabbit bedding isn’t actually that expensive. It’s about $10 a month. That said, over the course of a year, that’s $120. And this mini-shredder will pay for itself in a single month.

With this, I might actually not have to buy hay. I’ve been using hay for bedding as well as food, and that got to be a lot of hay. I can cut pasture from an empty lot down the street, but I couldn’t keep up with the hay my rabbits were going through. But now, I might actually be able to.

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