Life’s Gotten Busy

Hey y’all.

It’s been a crazy few days.

First of all, I got a temp job. It’ll only be lasting a few weeks, but it’s something. My husband’s company got behind on their paperwork because of Corona, so I’ve been helping them catch up a couple hours each day.

Also… you know how I said my husband and I were done looking at other properties? Well, it turns out that were very bad at stopping. The place we were looking at had already been bought, but we’ve been filling out loan paperwork and going to the bank the last few days. (Shocker… we have no money.)

Then, when I came home from work today, the bathroom sink needed to be unclogged, and the air conditioner had frozen up.

I’m also trying out some soap berries for my laundry detergent, and tonight I need to make pizza.

So I’ve been busy.

I’ve also been wondering if I want to just keep my rabbits as pets. The rabbit meat is ok, but I don’t love it. Even my dogs don’t seem that into it. I do like having the rabbit poop, though. The poop is amazing to put on plants. Not only is it great fertilizer, but the sheer quantity of poop that’s produced is quite amazing. There’s plenty to put on my own plants and give away. There’s enough to sell, but no one’s taken me up on that offer, yet.

As I’ve been busy lately, a few things have gotten pushed to my to-do list, and the list seems to be growing. Not only are there all the general, daily things to do, but I also want to keep moving forward on house renovations, I need to go to the post-office, and there are a few places that I want to apply for temp positions in the future (I really like having somewhere to be).

Oh, and I’m also trying to keep up with my health, so, remembering to exercise and which supplements I need to take.

None of these things take very long, but there’s a lot of mental activity that goes along with keeping up with it all. I may have to go back to having a planner and lists. Since I’ve not been working, I haven’t kept a planner, but maybe I need to.


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