I’m Amazed!

Hey y’all.

I’ve been treating eczema naturally for over a year now. There isn’t a naturopath within a few hours, so I’ve taken it upon myself to watch tons of internet videos to see how far I can get on my own.

This has led to a whole lot of trial and even more error, but I’ve seen better results from treating myself in one year than all my traditional doctors got in 20 years…

Even so, I’m still making adjustments to my diet, and I’m always amazed! Every single time I’ve made a change, no matter how slight, I can see the start of results within 24 hours.

Yesterday, I wrote in a post how I’d been considering whether my iron intake was affecting my skin. Afterwards, I looked up the difference in iron in wheat vs. rice, because I cut gluten out of my diet when I started treating my skin. Not eating gluten helped immensely, but I replaced it with rice, which, according to this website, contains about 1/3 of the amount of iron that wheat does. I also eat plant-based most of the time, and even though I eat a fair amount of beans, I don’t think I’m getting all the iron I need.

Well, I bought some iron supplements, and within a couple hours of taking it, my feet and hands felt a lot warmer. For years, I’ve been freezing in my own house. I thought it was just me, but cold extremities can be a sign of iron deficiency!

This morning I could already tell a difference in my skin. Never before has my skin gotten better in the night. It usually looks about the same, but it got better last night. The only thing I did differently was take the iron supplement, so that has to be what did it.

Similar things happened when I cut out gluten, eggs, and histamine-containing foods. Within 24 hours I (as well as others) could see the differences. My skin is always less red and angry-looking, it stops oozing, and any open sores I have begin to close. The healing power of the body when it’s simply given what it needs amazes me.

This is one more adjustment I need to add to my list. I’m going to take a daily iron supplement for a while (since I’ve been deficient for so long), but for the long term I’m planning to cook in a lot of cast iron, and I’m only going to take a weekly supplement of iron.

If you or someone you know needs some advice with eczema, I’ll be glad to share what I know, but a lot of what I learned came from Michelle Mills on YouTube.


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