Pizza Rice


Since I found out I need to eat gluten-free, I’ve really missed pizza.

In cities, sometimes you can get GF pizza, but I live in a small town, and it doesn’t exist here. My husband orders delivery pizza on the weekends, and it always smells so good.

I have a recipe for pizza crust that I can convert to GF, but it takes a couple hours to make, and I have to grind the GF flour in advance, so it’s a really special treat that I rarely make, but I finally found an alright substitute – pizza rice!

Rice only takes 20-30 minutes to cook, so I love making it for a quick dish.

Over this past year, I’ve been experimenting with rice pudding, cream of rice, and other sweet rice dishes. Then I made Spanish rice from scratch, and it changed everything.

After that, I put tomato sauce in a lot of my rice dishes, and then I threw in some other pizza toppings (because why not?) and it satisfied my pizza craving.

This dish isn’t fully plant-based, but it easily can be. You can leave out the pepperoni (the rice alone is great) or you can substitute vegan “meat” crumbles.

To make my pizza rice, I mix together in a pot:

1 c tomato sauce

1 c white rice

1 T Itallian seasoning

1 tsp salt

2 c water

small handful pepperoni

Stir it all together and bring the whole mix to a boil. Once it boils, place a lid on top and then turn the heat down to a low simmer (or low-1 on an electric stove).

Leave the pot alone for 20 minutes. If I have it, I like to dust some deactivated yeast (or cheese for those who can eat it) on top, because pizza.

This totally satisfies my pizza craving. Plus it’s super budget-friendly. For goodness sake, it’s rice. Regular pizza is budget-friendly if made at home, but GF pizza, especially if you buy a pre-made flour mix, is a whole other ball game. This recipe is super budget-friendly.

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