House Update

Hey y’all!

I have an exciting development about the house.

We live in one side of a duplex, but the duplex has two separate owners. My father-in-law owns the side that my husband and I are living in, and an estranged great-aunt owns the opposite side.

No one has been living in the second side for over two years now, and no one has been coming or going or even maintaining the yard. My husband and I have been contemplating buying the second side and fixing it up, but we’ve been unsuccessful in finding out how to contact the aunt (she did a pretty good job of hiding herself). But today we learned her legal name and found an address and also found her on Facebook!

Whether she’ll talk to us or is willing to sell the property is a question for a different day, but we finally have a way to contact her.

My father-in-law did advise against my husband and me trying to own and fix up the opposite side of the duplex. Apparently it needs a lot of work. That’s not phasing me though. Even if the opposite side is in as bad shape as the W house (only the frame of the house was good), it still won’t need as much work because the duplex is smaller than the W house.


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