I Don’t Like My Computer

Ok, this is going to sound weird because I am currently using a computer, but I can’t stand using computers – at least for the most part.

I like being able to type and word process, and I like being able to watch videos, but past that, I really can’t stand computers.

When I was little (so this was almost 20 years ago), I remember my parents having a computer and the software being usable for years. About every 5-10 years the computer needed to update, but it was fine for the most part.

Fast forward to my computer, and I can’t go more than a few weeks without needing some sort of update. And if I don’t update my computer, it goes to a black screen and makes siren noises. I don’t know how to fix it either. It’s sad that I’m only 24 and feeling like I’m rapidly becoming obsolete in the world of technology.

Another problem is that I can’t drive, and my town isn’t set up for walking. It’d be easy to not use technology if I could take myself somewhere and figure out the knowledge in person, but I can’t take myself places (there’s also no public transit), so I have to use the computer a lot. Argh.

I will say, the internet is fantastic whenever I want to look up a recipe or find a quick piece of information, and I really like online shopping, but whenever I have to fill out forms for anything, (and this has happened multiple times) there are always things that don’t make sense, or the edit function doesn’t work, or the correct answer isn’t in the drop down lists, or SOMETHING doesn’t work correctly.

I’ve seen Skyrim mods and other video game things. If people work so hard to correct the way a player’s hair swings while running, I shouldn’t have so many issues come up when I’m filling out a form or logging into my bank or doing anything else.


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