Fence Update

Hey y’all!

It’s been a few days. I thought I wrote about this, but apparently not. So, two days after building a second fence between the rabbit shed and the backyard (to further keep our dogs away from the rabbits), some other animal tried to get in.

Pushing the dogs back a few feet caused their scent to not get around the rabbit shed, so it didn’t scare off anything, and something else took advantage. I have no idea what, although it must have been small and not very predatory.

The three rabbits in the pen grouped together and apparently fought it off. I found a blood spatter, and at first I thought that a bunny had died. It was hiding, and I eventually found it. None of the rabbits were hurt, so I’m guessing the blood must have been from the other animal, and then it must have slunk away.

No matter what happened, I immediately took down the fence and fashioned a door from the materials for the rabbit shed. The original door wasn’t that sturdy, so we took it down when it began to pull the doorframe off the shed.

We fashioned a simple door from a tarp. That worked to provide a visual barrier, but it did nothing when the dogs were out and the rabbits decided to make a lot of noise.

I tried the fence, but obviously that didn’t work, so I made a sturdier door out of chicken wire and spare pallet wood. It’s not the sturdiest door ever, but it’s doing its job to keep the dogs out of the rabbit shed.


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