I Built a Fence!

Guys! I want to show y’all something.

Tonight I built a fence for free! I feel so accomplished because I did it with my own hands. I love building stuff from used materials. It’s making something useful from basically nothing.

Sorry it’s dark. I did this at night.

Let me start out by saying that this is more of a decorative fence. If I were trying to keep out deer or coyotes or something else large, this fence is definitely not sturdy enough.

However, this fence is really meant to provide a visual barrier to our dogs to separate them further from our rabbits. We have a door to the rabbit shed, but if it broke or got pushed open by the wind (which has happened before), the dogs can get in. Luckily, the dogs seem content to just stare at the rabbits, but I don’t want to take any more risks. (Those rabbits are show breeding stock that cost $30 a pop)

The fence posts are stalks of bamboo from a neighbor’s yard, and a friend had some old chicken wire just sitting around, and I used an old shirt to tie the wire to the posts. I have some cinder blocks laying around that I may use to stabilize the base of the posts, but that hasn’t happened yet. I also want to get some rock that I know a neighbor has and install a French drain through here to keep water out of the rabbit shed. (“French drain” sounds so fancy, but all it is is a ditch filled with gravel so water falls in but people don’t)

If there are more updates to this project, I’ll show them off.

May I just say that I don’t personally know anyone reading this blog, but I feel like I know all of you. I work in the home and cannot drive, so I don’t have tons of contact with the outside world (especially right now because of Corona), so I get so excited to be able to share all my dreams and accomplishments. I feel like y’all are some of my best friends. Thank you guys.


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