I hope everyone’s been enjoying the day and celebrating Memorial Day as they see fit.

I haven’t really been celebrating as I haven’t been close to any fallen soldiers, but my husband did get the day off of work today, so I haven’t been doing a lot today.

It’s also rained for the past two days, so I haven’t been doing much outside either.

Even though my current apartment isn’t my ideal home, my husband and I have decided to buy our apartment from the current owner. There are several jobs that we’ve been putting off (like putting in a nicer fire pit and doing some foundation work on the outside spaces). Since we’ve only been renting, we were just going to deal with these problems for now and save our money for fixing up a house when we moved, but this is apparently our home now.

I’ll be sharing pictures as things change, and several things should be changing. All the plans we had for a new home shouldn’t change just because we’re used to this space.

This whole idea seems strange to me, although it’s definitely mostly a mental block. My husband and I wanted a property with more land, but besides that, our apartment is in a great area, and it’s a good home for us for now.

I don’t really know what all’s going to be happening, so we’ll all find out together.


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