It Finally Happened… Bugs Got in my Flour

I’ve been watching a YouTube channel called “Coffee with Kate” for a few years. It’s fabulous! Y’all should check it out. It talks all about this woman’s frugal lifestyle and gives frugality tips. The same lady also has a blog at, and she writes books. She’s really fabulous.

Kate mentions a few times how there are often bugs in her grains and flour and how she has to sift them out. I’ve had bags of flour laying around for years, and I’ve never seen a bug… until tonight.

I was making pizza dough so I could have a big pizza-making session (about once a week my house becomes a pizzeria), and I pulled out a new bag of flour. When I opened it, it was like bugs were everywhere! Bugs in the flour, bugs on the stove, bugs on my arms, bugs (it felt like, but I don’t think so) in my hair.

I quickly closed the bag and stuck it in my deep freeze (bugs die in the freezer). For good measure, I put all my flour in the freezer along with my sugar. I also sprayed down that cabinet and the whole kitchen with peppermint oil (peppermint oil repels bugs).

Somehow, I managed to finish the pizza dough with flour from the last bag and some masa corn meal. I hope it turns out well. Unfortunately, I can’t try it because I need to eat gluten-free, so I can only hope.


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