I Keep Finding More!

The other day I mentioned how I had given up on my Swiss Chard. It was only about an inch tall, and it hadn’t grown in weeks, and the weather was getting hot, so I called it a failed crop and stopped checking on them, along with several other things.

Then, I found a sparse row of the warrior plants that had made it and grew a little bit bigger so I could at least eat them.

Then, the weather started being weird and cooling off, and my cool weather crops began growing again! Every day I’ve been finding more greens or carrots, or beets, or something else I planted. This doesn’t bode well for my warm weather crops, but it’s so much fun to discover something that I thought was gone.

Also, today I discovered what I believe to be a baby butternut squash plant. It’s the only one that came up out of the 7 or 8 that I planted, but again, crap soil (but also, not really, because crap makes the soil way better). If this plant keeps growing and produces even one squash, I’ll be able to save the seed from it and have really tough squash next year.

Also, seeds are amazing! I know it’s a duh statement, but seriously, I put a tiny, round seed in the dirt and now it’s a carrot. To me, it’s incredible that something small and round can turn into a triangular plant!


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