Just to Clarify…

For those who’ve read many of my posts, you’ve probably seen me talk about how I don’t till my soil, but then not much grew.

To clarify, I’ve been using the Back to Eden gardening method, but I haven’t been buying anything to start off with, and I’ve been starting gardens in new spots every year.

Back to Eden gardening takes at least a full growing season (if not a few) to get the soil to be fertile again. If you want to plant things immediately, you still have to get that initial soil for Back to Eden gardening.

I didn’t get anything that wasn’t on my property, so I’ve still been planting in hard clay. Not a lot is growing currently, but of course not much survived. I put tiny seeds into basically a clay pot and waited to see if they would grow in it.

However, of the plants that do make it, I only water about once a month (if that) and get super-juicy produce. By the end of the growing season, I usually have at least some soil to work with.

That’s part of why I’m so excited to plant at the W house. Back to Eden gardening gets better with time, and my efforts will pay off better when I plant in the same area year after year.


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