GF Flour

I ground my own flour today.

This was a big deal whenever I first started. I’ve heard about lots of homesteaders who grind their own flour, but when I looked at buying wheat, it wasn’t cost effective for me. A lot of people say it saves them money, but not in my case.

Then I found out I was going to have to eat gluten-free, and a ton of grains came into the picture that I hadn’t even thought of before. Now, I can grind my own flour because it saves a ton of money over buying a pre-made GF mix.

My “recipe” is pretty simple:

70 g brown rice flour

70 g white rice flour

70 g cornstarch

200 g GF oat flour

1 Tbsp psyllium husk powder

One batch of this makes about 1 lb (3 cups) of flour. Today, I doubled it and made 2 lbs of flour. Usually, I do about 5 or 6 lbs, but I wasn’t feeling it today.

When I do this, it looks like I’m weighing out my drugs.

I started off grinding. They make grain grinders, but they’re expensive, so I just use my blender to whack my grains down, and then I put it through my sifter. I learned just how important it is to sift the rice flour. The oat flour is pretty soft no matter what, but unsifted rice flour feels like you got a mouthful of grit. At first, I just used a strainer to sift my flours. It worked, but it made a big mess. For about $5, I got a legit baking sifter, and it’s wonderful.

After sifting, I weighed my flours to make sure I had the right amounts, and then I dumped them all together.

This was an old cheese puff container that we washed out.

I used a long spoon to stir it all up, and voi la! GF flour. I have a GF bread recipe that uses this flour that I’ll share in the future, but I’m actually thinking about creating a new bread recipe that uses prepping ingredients (ingredients that I could, at least in theory, grow myself).


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