Filtering Water

Filtering your water is so important! Apparently a lot of people knew this already, but I only became aware of all the benefits about a year ago.

I put a filter on my faucet a while back, and it occurred to me recently that I should probably change that. With everything going on, I lost track, and only my husband can taste the difference in water. I can’t (which would be a really bad thing if the unfiltered water were dangerous).

I’ve had the idea of rigging up a water filter myself for a while, but we had store-bought filters at that point, so I left it alone. However, since the filter needed changing anyway, this was my chance!

I know from various sources that you can make a simple water filter from charcoal powder in a cloth, and when I opened up the current water filter that we had, it was just a sponge that had a bunch of charcoal in it inside a nice, plastic case.

I had a bag of activated charcoal on hand from a while back (I hope to make charcoal in the future, but the bag was there). I put probably 1/4 cup of charcoal powder in a clean rag (that I made from an old t-shirt). I wrapped it up and stuck the little pouch in the plastic sink attachment.

Don’t mind the dirty dishes

I got the thumbs-up from the hubby! I’m so excited! I successfully made a filter for my water for basically free – the activated charcoal was leftover, and the t-shirt rag was soon to be past its prime anyway.

We’ll see how long that lasts, but I’ve impressed myself.


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