Potato Update!

This would be a full garden update, but the Spring crops have stopped producing, and the Summer crops haven’t come up yet, and the only thing really growing right now is potatoes.

The potato crop is looking wonderful! I planted potatoes last year, but they got shaded out early on by some other plants, and I only got a few tiny potatoes. The plants this year are fabulous! They’ve already got a good amount of growth, and they’re dark green, and they still have at least a month or two in the ground!

Some of the plants are beginning to put out blooms.

When a potato plant blooms, that means that there are potatoes in the ground. Right now, the potatoes are tiny, but I’m going to keep letting them grow until either the plant begins to die or I need to plant my Fall crops.

After seeing how well these potatoes are doing, potatoes will likely become the backbone of my gardens. I planted a fair amount of potatoes this year, but in the future I think I’ll be planting at least 2-3 times as many potatoes, if not 7-8.


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