I Made a Compost Bin

Hey y’all!

I made a compost bin today. My husband and I have dogs, so our compost always end up scattered across the backyard. I’m inclined to just dump it in a pile, but the animals and wind have other ideas, and I’ve ended up burning most of my compost to keep our yard from looking completely trashed. Burning it isn’t ideal, so I made an actual spot to put the compost.

Composting isn’t even hard. It’s a little tricky if you want really high quality compost, but if you just want to keep compostable waste out of the landfill, just put it all in a pile with some leaves and dirt. It’ll eventually compost. And don’t worry. Even if you do something horribly wrong (which I don’t know what that would be), you won’t be creating any greenhouse gases that the city landfill wouldn’t be making with that trash anyway.

This bin isn’t anything special. I just wanted a place to put my compost so the dogs would be discouraged from dragging it everywhere, and I wouldn’t have to burn it. I had a wood pallet on hand that I cut in half. I used some scrap wood from another project to keep the ends from falling over, and then I stapled some poultry mesh (also from another project) around the inside to hold the compost in, and voi la! A compost bin!

There are usually free pallets outside of stores/warehouses, but I paid about $5 for mine from a local lady. Since the other materials were just leftovers from other projects, I’m counting them as free.


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