Day in the Life 4-23-20

Hello all!

It’s definitely a lazy morning. I woke up much later than usual (almost 11 am), and I haven’t done too much.

I did go out and check on the rabbits. I made sure they all had food and water, but now I’m inside in pajamas watching tv while I eat breakfast.

These days are why planning frugally in advance is so important. I didn’t have to do anything and I’m still pinching those pennies. My frugal coffee pouch was ready, and I had my homemade cream of rice mix ready to go.

Passive income is also really great. I have an etsy shop ( where I sell digital crochet patterns, and it’s made me a few dollars in the past week without having to do anything. It’s not much, but it’s enough to make me think I need to work on expanding that enterprise.

About 1 pm I started doing more work. I swept (I’ll be so glad when the dogs can stay outside. They’re predominantly inside right now, and the dirt and hair really piles up), and the hubby and I took the dogs for a walk. Then I made tortillas for the hubby’s lunch.

The hubby’s not good at making a lunch in advance – even if it’s just sticking a portion of leftovers in a container – so I get it ready for him on most days. Today, I wanted to make him quesadillas, but we had no tortillas, so I made some. I used this recipe in the past, but I pulled it out again today: 1 c flour, 1/3 c warm water, 1 T oil (any kind), 1/3 tsp salt. Tortillas are pretty forgiving; mess up, and you can just mash it back to a ball and start over. Also, this recipe’s cheap. One batch of this costs about 12 cents, and it makes 4-5 tortillas.

That reminds me… I always like to get the hubby involved in the cooking (it’s kind of like cooking with a kid, because he knows nothing about cooking). After whipping up the dough, I got him to come roll out and shape the tortillas (we used to have a tortilla press, but I don’t know where it went). At one point one of the tortillas flopped over on itself, and the hubby looked at me and said, “See? This is why I’m the bread winner but you’re the bread maker.” Hubby got some oddly-shaped quesadillas in his lunch, but for less than 50 cents plus some laughs, it was definitely worth it.

I stuck some dishes in the dishwasher (using the baking soda trick) and sat down to watch some more tv. By the way, we don’t pay for tv. We watch videos on YouTube, and we watch channels on Pluto TV (free tv app that livestreams a lot of channels). Also, my parents’ have a Netflix package. They got it when I was at home, so the hubby and I still use my file in the account.

I wanted to just keep sitting and watching my show, but then I remembered to “make hay while the sun shines,” so I went outside and gathered grass for the rabbits. We’re in that time of year where the Spring clover has pretty much stopped growing, but the Summer grasses haven’t taken off yet. Luckily, it’s grass, and no one seems to mind if I take it, so there are several spots where I can gather it. The bunnies absolutely love the grasses I give them.

How I would love to have a few like-minded neighbors and form a little community to help each other out, but the current society runs on money, and it’s every man for himself. If you live near Longview, TX and are interested in doing something like that, please contact me.

I ended up getting a scare after I gathered the grass, so I decided to go back to sitting and watching tv. I might end up doing something in a while, but for right now, I’m done with today.


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