Rabbit Breeding Stock

Let me tell you about my rabbits.

It’s easier for many livestock beginners to feed animals rather than grow them to breed, but that wasn’t an option that made sense to my frugal, self-sufficient mindset.

You CAN absolutely be frugal without raising livestock, but I can’t work outside the home and decided to get into livestock.

I got some rabbits for breeding stock a while back. I didn’t even question getting animals to raise just to kill. It’s a bigger start-up cost and learning curve, but I want my animals to make more animals. After buying breeding stock, all the additional animals are basically free.

People tend to suggest beginning with only female animals, because they’re quieter and better behaved. I just don’t get that point of view, because that would mean you’d constantly have to buy new animals.

I love my rabbit breeders. I only began with 4, and I’m looking at having around 30 in a few months.

Being frugal generally means something having a bigger start-up cost but saving money in the long run. This is no different.


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