Getting Another

A few months back, we bought 3 rabbits from a breeder friend. We thought we got 2 does and a buck, but as they got older, we realized we got 3 girls.

I called the friend, and she’s going to give us a boy free of charge in addition to the girls we already have.

I wanted to expand our rabbit fluffle, but I thought it’d take into next year. We’re expanding before we even get our for harvest!

Once we get going, there’ll be 2½ months between harvests, and conservative numbers show that we’ll get 20 lbs of actual meat per doe. That means we can get 60 lbs of meat in less than 3 months!

Plus, there’s the poop, and the furs, and the feet, and the ears, and the carcass. If I have to kill a rabbit, I’m definitely going old-school and using every bit I can.

Also, rabbits are surprisingly clean. I clean up their pen twice a week, and I always expect it to be a dirty job. I am scooping poop after all. But rabbit don’t make gloppy poop’s. They make tiny nuggets that are completely dry, so they don’t stick to anything. I can muck out their whole pen, and after washing my hands, I feel totally clean.


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