The Lights are Out


The lights are off at my house.

This started off as ok. I’ve wanted to be more independent for a long time, and this was a good opportunity to cook without electricity.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day, I realized that there was more opportunity for practice than I was up for.

But, let’s look at what all happened.

I pulled out my cast iron pan and cooked on a propane grill.

I ended up making some Asian sweet bean dumplings.

I’ve never grilled before, so this was awesome. Yay me!

Then, the bunnies got out, and I had to track them down. Then I tried to cook 2 more dishes on the grill. Then the bunnies escaped again. And I broke a bowl. And I can’t wash dishes well because it’s dark, and the lights have now been off for 13 hours.

Once late afternoon hit, the day began going downhill fast.

I want to be more independent, and the way the current socioeconomic climate is has given me a greater sense of urgency. Today has definitely shown me some things to work on.


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