Day in the Life 3-11-2020

Hey guys! Time for another Day in the Life post!

So, first I got up (of course), and I actually didn’t play any phone games, which is unlike me. I think that’s a combination of two things. First, I’m super excited about something I found out yesterday that I really wish I could disclose, but I can’t because it’s still not a for-sure thing yet. It’s only a probably thing. The other thing is that I got a ton of sleep last night. I was super tired and went to bed at 8 pm. I usually go to bed sometime between 11 and 1, so 8 is super early for me.

I stumbled into the kitchen to make coffee, and I put some soy beans on to soak. I’ll be trying to make gf soy sauce later, but I don’t know how long it’ll take to ferment to where I like it, so I’ll be doing a separate post whenever that is. If this works, it’ll save me at least $8 per standard bottle of gf soy sauce.

Then I went and got the bunnies and their pen all cleaned up. While I clean, I put them in their play pen. They like being outside.

Next, I sewed some (I’m doing another project), and after awhile I got my tamari ready to ferment.

Then it began raining, so I just kept sewing all afternoon.

Eventually, I made dinner for myself… It was fried potatoes, and they were good!

My day seems short in writing, because most of it was watching li ziqi on YouTube for ideas for the future.

Again, the things I did will pay off in the future, but specifically today, I didn’t save anything.

Also, I mentioned that I kept track of my savings so I could put it in the savings account, but I quickly realized that that won’t work. I’m still going to keep track of it, though. If nothing else, I’ll find it interesting.


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