My Health Scare

I promised to talk about this, so I guess today is the day.

A few years ago, back in 2016, I got a splitting headache, went to the hospital, and promptly passed out.

An aneurysm in my brain had burst. But not only that, oh no, there’s more. This aneurysm had formed within an AVM (one of those scary, rare things on medical shows). Basically, the veins and arteries in my brain weren’t connected right and had formed a “spider web” type tangle. Usually this tangle is about the size of a small plum… but not mine. Oh no, mine had to go and be the size of a grapefruit with a couple tentacles coming off it.

There were 3-4 surgeries (so many that I’ve forgotten) to glue up this AVM and aneurysm. Then I had a big surgery to remove it from my head. During that surgery, I stroked out and nearly died.

After not dying, I went through months of therapy to learn everything over – everything – like, I couldn’t even swallow my own spit.

When that was over, I had two more surgeries to help my eyesight.

Even now, my voice shakes a bit because one of my vocal chords is weak, my balance is crappy, my eyesight is better, but not good enough to drive, and no one will hire me for a job because I don’t seem like I can do a lot.

Even so, my mind and personality haven’t been impaired at all.

That’s my stroke story. If anything, it should inspire you, because even with all that, I still do a lot. I’m in charge of the budgeting, the homemaking, and most of the homesteading at my house.


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