Deals at the Store

I got so many good deals yesterday!

I doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you find that rare item that is mispriced. Yesterday I received a huge 8 lb jar of chicken boullion granules. It only cost me $14.08! That’s amazing because this amount would usually cost $75.

Pint jar for reference

The same company makes a 16 oz jar that looks the same, and I believe they put the same price on them by accident.

Yes, some people would think I’m crazy because who needs 8 lbs of boullion? But I can stick this jar in the freezer to keep it fresh, and it saved me $60! For this price, I needed 8 lbs of boullion (for those interested, here is where I found it, but they may discover the mistake soon: )

That was the one big deal. I also saved some money on Easter candy. Chocolate bunnies were 50% off at the dollar store this weekend. (I adore the dollar store) Since the bunnies only ended up being 50 cents each, we bought 7, plus some big ones that were $1 each. Plus, we bought some other candy that was a buy 2 get 1 free deal. So, I ended up saving $11 on candy. (I can only imagine how much of this candy is going to be wasted. If I could drive, I would totally be doing the dumpster diving thing… but I can’t drive and it’s too far to bike comfortably. And the hubby doesn’t like that idea at all anyway…)

I’ve also been looking at a lot of things on the Wish app. There are many deals where if you’re the first to buy something, it only costs 50 cents, and they refund the money if you’re not first. I’m sure there are people that hunt down these deals, so it’s a long shot that I’ll ever get something, but if enough long shots are taken, a few will hit the target.


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