A Day in the Life 4-3-20

There’ll be many of these, so I guess I should throw the date up there to tell them apart.

First thing’s first, I actually didn’t sleep last night. I was too busy thinking, so I finally got up and started to sew a dress. I’ve never made a full-on dress before, but my husband had several old shirts I could cut up and use, so I went ahead and started. I’ll share pictures when I’m finished, don’t worry. (Update: the dress is turning into a top because the dress looked like it was dying, and I’m not skilled enough to save it)

Remember how I cooked all those bean yesterday? Well, I saved all the juice and the odd leftover bits in a jar. Today, I threw the juice and some rice together in a pan so that I can put some on top of the dogs’ food. They love being cooked for. For a long time I cooked all the dog food, but after a while, I was done with it, and it wasn’t saving as much money as I thought it was.

Then I went out and made hay (ok, it was just grass clippings – I plan to dry it in the warmer months) for the rabbits. I have a whole blog post about it. You should check it out.

Finally, I sat down to eat breakfast, which was actually my homemade cream of rice. I grind my own rice into rice flour and add some sugar and cinnamon, and voila! cream of rice.

I sat up for a while doing little things on my computer, and I ended up taking a nap until about 5 pm.

Then I got up and did several “normal” housekeeping tasks. I dusted, put the dishes in the dishwasher, swept, wiped down the kitchen, cooked for the hubby, and after all that, I sat down to sew some more.

Most of this day wasn’t too exciting, but I did do a few crazy things and managed to save at least $11. That’s not too bad for sleeping most of the day.


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