April Garden Update

Hi there!

Today I worked heavily on my garden. I’m utilizing the majority of the front yard. It’s going pretty well so far.

My potatoes are doing great!

I also have some beets and carrots that are growing… although not as ferociously as I would like.

I like it when things I plant grow like weeds. I don’t like having to baby anything.

One thing that is growing like weeds are the broccoli plants that were in the shade.

There were some broccolis that are in sunnier spots, and they’re not doing so well. There is a lesson here. I hope I’ve learned it.

I’ve not been able to grow garlic bulbs, but the garlic chives on top do fantastically. I can harvest a large bowlful every week.

It only grows in the very early Spring. Soon it’ll have to be ripped out, but the chives have such a nice garlic-y flavor that seasons food so well, and I planted enough so we have as many fresh sprigs during the week and every weekend I can harvest everything and put away an entire ice tray full of oil and garlic. (Did you know that’s a thing? You can freeze fresh herbs in oil.) To get these fun chives, I just buy a bag of whole garlic in the Spring and plant each clove separately. Each clove grows a chive.

The big change to the garden was in planting tomatoes, which meant that I first got to put in the bamboo poles. (Remember, I made these yesterday.)

I’m very proud of this. I chopped those poles down and cut the twigs off and got them into the ground with my own two hands,

With the help of my husband, all the poles got in the ground. They replaced some old, ratty tomato cages that I was going to use, but since the garden is in the front yard this year, it was suggested that I do something different.

By each pole I planted some tomato seed. They should be poking out of the ground in a week or two. (My dad has a green house and can do plant starts. His tomato plants are already a foot tall! I definitely didn’t appreciate the awesomeness of that as a kid.)

In a few days, I plan to plant some more things, and in a few weeks, it should be time (fingers crossed) to harvest most things and plant the second crop of the year.


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