I had a fantastic idea!

I have to eat gluten-free for reasons, and since changing my diet, I eat a lot of gits. Actually, I technically eat a lot of polenta, because I just use cornmeal instead of packaged grits. It’s basically the same thing, it’s just yellow instead of white.

A while back there was a sale on canned corn if you bought a whole case. Corn isn’t my favorite thing, but I’m ok with it, and I figured that I could use it to change up my diet and also to have food on hand pre-coronavirus, so I bought a case of canned corn.

I like corn, but a whole case is a lot of corn. It was going to sit on the shelf forever until I got around to it (which is fine since it’s canned), but then I had my brilliant idea. Cornmeal is just dried, ground corn. If I put a can of corn through the blender, I’ll have wet cornmeal, and I’d add cornmeal to liquid anyway, so I can make grits!

I put my corn through the blender (which I unplug after each use so it’s not using any more electricity) and dumped it into a pot on the stove. I added some salt and boiled it until it reduced down to grit-like consistency.

Now, some of you know that canned corn is sweeter than cornmeal – which I found out.

The “grits” I made were ok enough to eat today, but I won’t be doing this again.

To my credit, I think this would work just fine as an ingredient in a different recipe; however, the blended corn by itself didn’t taste like grits.

Even though this particular experiment didn’t work out, this is the kind of ingenuity that can help you be more frugal. If there’s a sale on something, don’t automatically pass it by if you don’t use it. Consider it for a moment: Is it a good price? Can you use it in place of something else? Would it be easy enough to use that you would actually do it?

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