Weekly Goals and the Start of the Dragon

Morning y’all!

It’s been an exciting weekend, and I’m super excited to see what’s going to happen this next week.

This weekend, I actually delivered and got paid for several crocheted pokeballs and a crocheted Baby Shark. And I got a commission partnership to sell my yarn items in a local shop!

And not only that, but I took this Sunday (Jan 29) to work on my dragon project. (I’ve crocheted a dragon with a 5-foot wingspan in the past. It was awesome, but it took 3 months. I wanted to try and cut that time down with a knitting machine.) I’m proud to announce that I began knitting the body portion of the dragon on my machine this morning, and it is completely sewn and stuffed before I’m going to bed this evening. By the way, I totally had to knit 4 panels on my machine (I do currently have a 22-pin :I ) and sew them together. Those that know will understand the craziness of this project. When I fully crocheted this dragon, that body took me a solid 2.5 days, and I didn’t have children or a house to run at the time. And now I did it in a single day. That’s nice.

So, this weekend was a total success, but what are the goals for this coming business week? Well, I still have to run the house and care for the child. I definitely slacked on the laundry and dishes last week and got to play catch up. But after that, I’d like to make 4-5 more pokeballs. I really need to focus on finishing that order. Last week, I focused on my knitting machine mostly, and I only made one ball. I still need to make 14 more pokeballs by Feb 20th, and if I make 5 each week, I can accomplish it.

So, that’s the week. Child, house, pokeballs.

I think I’ve hit my stride

Hey y’all!

I think I’ve hit my stride… or I’m moving towards it, at least.

I’ve been able to knit and crochet for many, many, but I’ve been taking a leisurely break for the last few years.

I was trying to earn a living by selling digital files and POD items on Etsy, but I noticed that people were almost exclusively buying the crochet patterns from long ago .

So, I began crocheting a lot more and making more patterns, and I bought myself a mini knitting machine. I began this crocheting near the middle of January, and today (Jan 28) I delivered 2 finished products and partnered up with a local store to sell some of my work on commission!

And the commission partnership is great, because it’s a geek/nerdy store, and I have been wanting to make a 3-foot tall Charmander for years. And now, it is my job to do so.

I also have plans for a large dragon with a 5-foot wingspan. I made a dragon years ago, and I’ve been wanting to recreate it. I haven’t, because it’s such a huge project, but since I have the knitting machine, I can whip out some panels for the large pieces and only crochet the smaller details. Then, I can sell these, as well as other items on Etsy and in my local store!

I’m super excited! This business plan is going to turn out so well! I can feel it!

And I already feel really successful. I found a way to do something I enjoy and get paid. And that’s the dream, right?

Preparing for a Knitting Machine


It’s a glorious day!

I’m getting ready for my knitting machine to get here. Usually, I crochet my items. I did begin by learning how to knit years ago, but then I began crocheting all the time after becoming a mom. It’s difficult to find time even to crochet around a child, but it’s a little easier than knitting with a child.

However, crocheting machines aren’t a thing at this moment in time. But knitting machines are. And they’re fast!

I have an order for 20 pokeballs, but instead of crocheting the main ball, I’m going to zip them out on my knitting machine. I can’t use the machine to make the details though, so I spent much of today just making pokeball details to sew on when my machine comes in the mail.

I think this is a great use of my time instead of crocheting big balls when I can make them so much faster with machinery.

I’m excited to do this same thing with some gigantic amigarumi plushies. Before getting married and having children, I really enjoyed making life-sized amigarumi. I made a 2-foot tall minion toy for my nephew, and I made a dragon with a 5-foot wingspan. That dragon has so many details (because it’s epic) that it took 3 months to complete. However, much of that time was spent on the dragon body, and the same thing goes for the minion. Large amigarumi bodies are huge and plain. Now that I have a family to take care of, the idea of spending months on a single project is crazy to me. Especially if I hope to sell those amigarumi. Once I get the knitting machine, I’ll be able to bust out those huge bodies in a day or two. And the details, even if there are a lot, might take me a few more days. Even a really intense project will be able to be accomplished in a week.

With that length of project time, I could actually bring in a significant amount of income from this. Even if I charged $300 for something like that dragon, making it in 3 months would only give me $100/mo. And that’s nothing. But by being able to make 4 dragons/something similar in a month would make over $1000. And that’s a number I can live with.

And also, when I see a cute knitted holiday hat on Pinterest the night before a party. I could actually make myself one. But hand-knitting/crocheting wouldn’t allow me to do that. With a machine, I could make a hat just for fun in a hour or less. Without a machine, the same hat would take all day to make.

I don’t know why I didn’t decide to invest in a knitting machine earlier. I think I was just fight against it. Honestly, the sale of a single project would pay for the machine.

I haven’t even gotten this machine yet, and I already feel as that this is such a great idea. I wish I’d thought of this sooner.

I Bought a Knitting Machine!


I just bought a knitting machine, and I’m so excited! I couldn’t get the 48-pin machine like I originally wanted, because of placement of funds, but I did get a 22-pin, and I can make multiple panels and sew them together! Then, I should be able to upgrade in a few weeks to the bigger machine, but I may not if this one does well.

I can hand knit, but I stopped and began crocheting after becoming a parent. But I’m so, so excited to be able to make large items again. I live in Texas, and warm knit/crochet items are only practical for 1-2 months out of the year. I’m good at making large, realistic, plush items, but the big swaths of regular stitching take WAY too long. Now, I can focus on detail work and let the machine make quick work out of those plain sections.

The machine I ordered should be here by Thursday, and I can’t wait!